Torncity’s weapon, grouped by type

No. Type Weapons
1. Heavy Artillery
Egg Propelled Launcher, Minigun, Flamethrower, Anti Tank
2. Machine Gun M249 Para L.M.G., Mini-gun
3. Rifle Swiss Army SG 550, AK-47, Gold AK-47, Einfeild SA-80, Steyr AUG, Armalite M15A4, Bushmaster Carbon
4. SMG BT MP9, Uzi, TMP, MP5 Navy, MP5 K, Pink MAC-1
5. Shotgun Jackhammer, Sawed-Off, Benelli M4 Super, Benelli M1 Tactical, MAG 7
6. Pistol Flare Gun, Desert Eagle, Desert Eagle, M9, Glock 18, Beretta 92F
7. Club Nunchakas, Frying Pan, Baseball Bat, Cricket Bat, Hammer, Dual Hammers
8. Piercing Blood Spattered Sickle, Macana, Wand of Destruction
9. Slashing Samurai Sword, Kodachi Swords, Yasakuni Sword, Dual Scimitars
10. Mechanical Chainsaw, Taser
11. Temporary Claymore Mine, Brick

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