FFmpeg as Video Editor for Ubuntu

Install :

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

Well this site has covered useful commands already :
19 ffmpeg commands for all needs

Additional. Example case : Splits and Joins .avi with same quality.

  1. Splits .avi
    ffmpeg -i theVideo.avi -sameq -ss 00:18:49 -t 00:22:52 newVideo.avi
  2. Joins .avi
    ffmpeg -i theVideo1.avi -sameq new1.mpg
    ffmpeg -i theVideo2.avi -sameq new2.mpg
    cat new1.mpg new2 mpg > new.mpg
    ffmpeg -i new.mpg -sameq newVideo.avi

-i input
-ss ~ start timer
-t ~ duration (i repeat, duration) not end timer
-sameq option will increase your file size to unbelievably large. However, you could use -qmax option if you wanna reduce the quality.

ffmpeg -i theVideo.avi -qmax 5 newVideo.avi

The lower the number, the better the quality, so -qmax 1 will equal to -sameq.

Source :


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