Yes, English isnt my native language. You might see spelling and/or grammar error here and there. Actually i’ve been trying to write “something” using my native language, then my own language (yes these two are different), then something else’s language, and you know what? i myself dont like my writings.

Here i’m trying English. If this fail as well, i might try to learn Arabic, Urdu, or Aliens language maybe, etc.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. yahoo says:

    om, spouse ente di torn nyariin, kangen dan nanya apa ente dah nikah atau belum. ada email yang bisa di hubungi biar di sampaikan ?

  2. kumar deny says:

    om punya email atau apa yang bisa di hub.?

  3. yahoo says:

    iyo, iki di coba.

  4. sukalong says:

    btw, ane bikin Special GYM calculator.. biar special GYM nya bisa kebuka lebih dari 1.. auk deh manfaat apa kaga kalo murni whore..

    calc nya ada di :

  5. yahoo says:

    jadi beneran pensiun nih ? kirain ketangkep enched

    • sukalong says:

      quitnya karna ketangkep akakaka… tp emang udah niat heheh.. kalo ga ketangkep2 ga quit2 😀

      BTW ENIWE BASWE…… IKI Sopoooooo..???

      ada yg blom ketangkep.. cm emang udah ga niat maen… tentram euy tanpa torn 😀 cobain deh..

  6. yahoo says:

    om ali ? o em ji ?

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